Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Calling

Remember me, I used to be the best time buddy that you couldn't wait to see. But getting old, it takes its toll and hearts getting broken lead to people growing cold.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Train of thoughts

as sherlock said, human brain is much like an empty attic, you can store things/stuffs that are useful and arrange it nicely or just simply throw it inside...
once you throw it randomly, its hard for you to find it back as its already messy inside there and a lot of useless things.

long time ago its so easy to talk rubbish with friends, jokes and fooling around. as your thoughts running smoothly to your mouth and blurt it, but as you getting older and matured , things that you always said before seems lame,  ain't it?, then we hold back of what we're saying, and they viewed us as being cold and quiet :D when we look back now, are our jokes still funny? I wonder if you ever get to say what's on your mind. ow well! take a little time ahaha another emo day

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Wintermar JFS 5K race

last sunday was the event of Wintermar jfs 5k race,  we were officially invited for that event and i was the officer from my office who arrange and invite the employees. Well, PT Wintermar is actually one of our client that have a close connection to us, since they apply for guarantee and insurance to us a lot. hence, they invited for their yearly event including last year and this year.   it was start at early 6am in the morning,  we ran circling ragunan zoo for 5KM!!!. i was out of breath that time,  it makes me realize that im getting out lf shape already.  but luckily that pretty girl next to me makes my spirit fly high ahah...!  here are some pictures of the event,

btw my record for 5k was 33minutes and the champion for the event ran for 16minutes....o.o so next year target is 20minutes? lol in my dream

Why we are so proud showing that bracelet? yeah cuz we got it only when we reach finish in this pict, almost all got it :D

here it is! my team yo!
Mr. Manager, the expat face but talkless english :D
Testing the polo shirt for sunday's race, freakin bad shirt :(

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hey, I am (S)well !! how bout you?

How are you people? 2 years since i graduated goneby without realize that i am in workplace already. i started working last April :D it was the same company where i have my internship back in september. Salary was okay, Ernst and Young didn't follow up to me and boom! im back to Indonesia Eximbank.
i just realized that the hardest part in working with a big corporation for me, is not my technical skill, but its more to my soft skill. you gotta push down your emotion! like A LOT of pushing it down bro :( and im not good at it, i let 2 of my managers see when i let it loosen again today, im not proud of it. i used to say that i worked well under pressure with minimum supervision but apparently i was full of bullshits -.-" you see here my man, if i got scolded for something that isnt even my fault, i can made a lot of errors inside my spreadsheets/analysis or whatsoever and as the clock ticking, i grow anxious. Is it my own fault for being too soft and kind or is it the corporation? since they are under Ministry of Finance so everyone is like slacking off (welcome to the govt. corp! hellO!!).
Further it, i even shared to my manager that i dont think i might be able to learn something if they keep pressure me with daily activities. Business review, accounting data, outstanding monitoring, i didnt learn any of it. okay i think i need to counter back to the team next week to show em what i got here. watch me next week!
well you gotta survive that stage, am i right? here comes my favorite dancer; les twins for tonight, cuz its dancing time

Monday, March 4, 2013

S.U.S.U. Charity

The first ever for my charity trip to a nursing home errr is it correct? nursing home? retired residences? whatever, the point is, the place for granny and gramps stay when they retired, so we came there yesterday, giving them some inventories for foods and some snacks for the granny (mostly are grannies with total of 57 out of 60 :D).
Ow Yeah I almost forgot, i came there under the name of S.U.S.U. Charity! its our non-profit organization that was set up by cecilia, jeremy, marshella, teguh, kenvin, inne, wedhe & +me! The background when we were setting up the organization was so simple, it was cecilia that said she wanted to get rid of her sins so she wanted to go and give charity to people...and the next time i know we set up this organization and received a lot of funds for it from Marshellas' customers... here is the pict of the group (excluding me)
Okay, so we went to the retired residences (around bandung, 3 hours from jakarta), they shared their stories to us, sing a song together, dance together, it was a fun day. But not entirely fun day, cuz it was stained with drinking beers and wasting time for drinks in the bar (when we suppose to get to our inn since its pretty late(around 1am)) but yeah, they're not thinking again. whatever, if this thing come up again, i'd rather stay away like what i did yesterday. We found our inn, around 4am in the morning, clean up our body and prepare to sleep at 5am...hell that was crazy, and i woke up around 9am and i cant sleep nemore. here are some pict that i snapped from SUSU Charity members when they are sleeping (that i just realized:

Here Comes No.2! (he's not our member thought :D)
Another one! No.3! The Mr. Potato!
nevertheless, fun and sad on that day, that would be a piece to remember in my life

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Introducing the newest member in S.U.S.U Charity and circle of friend! Marshellaaa...ta daaa.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Slipery sliper

You know that moment when a cute girl staring at you and you noticed it? yeah, you will just act nerdy and cool right?...well it was okay till my flip-flop broken and i almost fell down :( sad*

Rider on the storm

With the speeding and eat at somewhere far in my mind, i ended up in muhammad, tgif subang parade and tgif sunway pyramid, and SLV cafe inside lagoon view...

dont ask me why lol...i random attitude that makes me reckless :(